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  Tue, Mar 29, 2016     Muck Trek  

Albert Einstein once wrote; "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

That quote has never been so true as it is today. Our children and ourselves spend too much time indoors. Too many children are playing on electronics and not in the mud. Too many people have distanced themselves from the world at large. Believe me, there is so much more to see than just what fits in that electronic screen. 

Over the years, advances in technology have gien us the power of information but we have somehow lost touch with the simpler things. The things that are naturally engrained in ourselves through millenia after millenia and generation after generation. Our ancestors frequently travelled into the outdoors and the further back you go, the deeper into the wilderness they were based. Some might call this progress, but in actuality, it is also reversion. We have been taught that the future is in technology, but the basis of our lives and our history in in nature and we are ignoring it by and large but all is not lost!

People are starting to get outdoors again and it is definitely good for you! Not just for the simple act of exercise and fresh air, but also for the mere act of really enjoying the outdoors. When I mention the outdoors though, I am not talking about walking out your front door...although that is a start. I am talking about really getting out into the wilderness, getting out into the dirt, dust and mud. Get dirty, get FILTHY, or simply just sit in the middle of nowhere and appreciate nature and all its wonderful creatures. Sometimes the most healing act you can partake in is just the experience and the observation.

Personally, while I am in the wilderness, my favorite part of the day is just before the sun rises and the wilderness starts to awaken. The birds begin chirping in the distance and the morning dew glistens at the first hint of sunlight. Then, out of nowhere, something runs across your field of view. Unsure of what it is you begin to stare and realize it is staring back at you. Right there at that moment, I feel one with nature and it makes the whole day worthwhile. Even if it does end up just being one of those darn squirrels. This is an experience that I am sad to say that too many people miss out on and it is one of those primal experiences that awakens all that ancient DNA in you that tells you THIS is how it is really supposed to be. All your cares and worries wash away and all you are is another creature in the woods.

Whether your into hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, riding or even target shooting, these are all primal experiences. These are all activities that awaken the ancestors within you and re-connect you with them. The quiet moment before that perfect target shot, the first light tug on the rod while out on the water, the glimpse of movement in the distance through the woodland fog, the smell of the horse and the feeling of freedom while mounting up, the gaze you cast down the snow blanketed hill just before embarking on the most epic of courses and simply waking up to the simple sounds of nature and cooking over an open fire. This is where life begins, this is a reconnection with nature and this can help you to truly learn to appreciate life and the outdoors. If you have ever been out, you know what I am talking about and if you are still stuck in the present, take my advice, try it out! Its an experience you wont soon forget as long as you allow yourself to be immersed in it. Attitude is everything so open yourself up to nature and she will show you the way.

Get outdoors, get dirty, get deep into nature and get out in the Muck! We will see you there!




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