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the outdoors are a beautiful thing to enjoy and nothing can bring you closer to nature quite like hunting. There are, however, inherent dangers when travelling into the wilderness and because of this there are a few basic safety rules that you should ALWAYS abide by to make sure that your hunting adventure is as enjoyable and safe as possible.

  1. Always get an appropriate hunting permit where needed
  2. Always hunt with a buddy or tell someone where you will be hunting and when you plan to return.
  3. Always wear appropriate safety gear and Hunter Orange where required by law.
  4. Always treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
  5. Always know your target and beyond.
  6. Always dress appropriately for the weather.
  7. Check your equipment before going out and make sure it is all in perfect working order and safe to use.
  8. Bring a First Aid Kit.
  9. Leave a note in your car or at home (preferably both) with written date, time and location of your hunt.
  10. Always keep a weapon pointed in a safe direction. This means never point a weapon at another person, the sky, the horizon or where you cannot be sure of where your shot may hit.
  11. Always mark your trail either physically or digitally via a GPS unit when travelling in unkown territory so that you can easily find your way back out. When it gets dark outside it can become disorienting and easy to get turned around. Always know your way out.
  12. Always strive for a clean kill. It is never enjoyable to let an animal suffer and there is nothing wrong with passing on a shot you are unsure of. It not only makes it easier for you to track a wounded animal, but it provides a clean, humane kill and minimizes the suffering imposed on the animal. Be a conservationist!
  13. Always abide by your states bag limits. You may need to pass on that big one, but remember, the outdoors are for everyone and being a conservationist means not only appreciating nature but also nurturing it. Don't take more than your fair share and help encourage herd growth in your area so you can enjoy hunting for years to come.

These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when hunting and travelling into the wilderness. It is also always a good idea and sometimes required to partake in a hunter safety course before embarking on your hunting adventure. You can find more information from your local state hunting and fishing department as well as links and resources to online and in-person hunter safety courses, licencing requirements, zone information and much more.

Finally, don't forget above all to have fun! It's not about how many mounts you have or getting that recordbook worthy trophy (although thats always nice) it's about enjoying nature and the beauty it provides. It's about partaking in an activity that is as old as humanity itself and appreciating the outdoors and everything it has to offer. Check out our hunting lodge listings and start planning your next hunting getaway and get out in the Muck!

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